Signature GB Hairstyles
"Our Hair Cuts for Ladies or Gentlemen include complimentary Consultation, Shampoo/Massage, Conditioner and a simple Blowdry with or without Ionic Infrared Tourmaline ceramic Iron". Consultations at Gustavo Briand Studio are "Always Welcome" and Complimentary.
Hair Cut Ladies $175 $100
Hair Cut Gentlemen $  80 $  65
Up-Do's $  75+  
Dry with Paddle &/or Denman
   Brush and with (or not) Tourmaline
   ceramic iron infrared (included in haircut)
$  60+ $  50+
Dry with "Round Brush" $  75+  
Wedding Set $  80+  
Existing clients fringe &/or neck trim is complimentary.
Most likely your Blowdry will be done by your Stylist of choice, nevertheless there is a small possibility you might get it done by one of our Protégés, or another colleague, if you prefer to have the Blowdry by the stylist him/her self, you might have to make a separate appointment with them.
 For Men Only

This new service camouflages gray, rather than covering the gray completely, Ten minutes is all it will take, Brings out the "pepper" in salt and pepper hair, in a subtle discrete fashion, without fading into undesired warm tones. Bring back years in minutes. It would gradually fade over time - you won’t see any major difference or off-color results.

With NO AMMONIA, vegetable proteins and oils to restore shine and strength to what it "was" greasy hair.

  $  55 & up




 Brazilian Keratin Treatments

Contains less than 2% of formaldehids                                            $400+

Formaldehyde FREE                                                                     $250

 Colour Services

Mask Light:
   (Gloss/semi-Demi Permanent, Toner with
   "ultra Shine" (Molecules no ammonia)
$  60+ $  55+ $  55+
   (Permanent Colour "Ultra Shine"
   Molecules, Hydrolyzed Milk Protein,
   Double conditioning colour, REGROWTH)
$  90+ $  80+ $  75+
Double Process:
   (Art Deco Davines Conditioning Bleach
   and Mask Tone)
$100+ $  95+  
Corrective Colours & Miracles Upon consultation only, $100 per hour
Fashion GB Technicolour Design Upon consultation only, $100 per hour
Highlights Full Head: $275+ $200+  
Highlights Half Head: (two tones minimum) $200+ $175+  
Highlights Partial: $100+ $90+  
Ombre Foils $400+ $300+  
Regular Davines Relaxers (Ladies) $100+ $  90+ $  85+
Regular Davines Relaxers (Gentlemen) $  40+ $  40+ $  40+
Eyebrow Dye (no charge with color service) $  20    
Most likely your Colour Application (not Highlights) will be done by your Tinter of choice, nevertheless there is a small possibility you might get it done by one of our Protégés, or another colleague, in that case rest assured that your Tinter will formulate and delegate. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience, if it every happens.
Blowdry after Colour
(this is a simple Blowdry with a Denman and Paddle Brush and finished with the Infrared Turmaline ceramic Flat Iron)
$  35+    
 Remedies, Serums, & Infusions
LEI: (Living Enzyme Infusion, Enzymes, Phantenol and Sericine for severely abused hair) Must be followed by Nou Nou pack or Begetarian miracle) Salon only. $  55
RJHP: (Royal Jelly Hair Plus, Royal Jelly, B-Complex, Glycine, Lactic acid for dry and brittle hair) Salon only. $  50
REST: (Deep Restructuring Serum, Wheat and Rice Protein, for damaged and brittle hair) (Must be followed by Nou Nou pack or Vegetarian Miracle.) $  45
NOU NOU/PAK: (Nourishing Repairing Mask, Olive Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Olive Oil for dry and brittle hair) $  40
HPB: (Hair Building Pak, Amino Acids, Propolis, Wheat Proteins, restructure and condition hair) $  35 & up
VEGGIE MIRACLE (Vegetarian Miracle, Rice Protein, Avocado, Seaweeds, to nourish and moisture hair in depth) $  30
DETOXIFYING EDRM: (Environmental Damage Recovery Mud, Clay, Liposomes to purify hair from dust and smog and to help preventing free radicals) Salon Only $  30
Blowdry after GB Davines Remedies, Serums, and Infusions $  30 & up
Make Up
Make Up $ 90+  
Bride Make Up $150  
Hair Extensions
Totally new, our Hair Extensions are made from 100% Italian minimally processed hair, unlike ethnic hair which might give you the "Extension look", our extensions are also Kosher. You have to make the hair investment ONLY ONCE unless you wish to change the hair colour. After 3 months you only come for "Service" on your extensions, we simply bring the locks up back to your root area.

The method we use to "Bound" the extensions for your next 3 months is with undetectable "locks" to the touch, totally inoffensive to your hair integrity, they can be instantly removed with our special "Key" for the locks.

Without any mess, glues, braiding, plating, stitching, keratin, or whatever "ADHESIVE" is floating around town.

The hair has to be pre-ordered and YOU pay for that before making your appointment at the time of consultation, that amount would be subtracted at the time the service is completed.

For emergencies we offer hair delivery on the same day (all stars lined in order) that is $50 extra non-reclaimable at the end.

Christian our Senior Stylist is our expert in Hair Extensions. We would be happy to "Demonstrate" a couple of bundles in your hair. You will see how easy the application and extraction is.

If you get 100 extensions: $15 individual hair bundle
If you get 150 Extensions (recommended) $12 individual hair bundle.

We offer in addition:
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Facials
  • MicroDermabrasion
  • Wax
  • Eyelash Extensions "Xtreme Lashes"
  • Paraffin Treatments
  • and Reiki at QI Balance Wellness Center located right above us!