Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in Lima Peru and Miami Beach, Gustavo always had an international flair, from his love of fine art and classical music. Gustavo has a way of standing out while melding into the crowd.

Gustavo took his advanced training in hair design at the world-famous Vidal Sassoon Academy School of Hair Dressing, considered to be the "Harvard" of hair design academies. The Vidal Sassoon Academy offers a highly selective post-graduate degree program in hair design that has produced many of the top hair designers in the world today. Upon completion of his specialization, Gustavo was certified as a Vidal Sassoon instructor, and was one of the select few offered a teaching position with the academy itself, later ascending to the Artistic Team of the Company. 

He has personally trained many in house Sassoon stylists, plus hundreds of outside trained stylist in Seminars nationally and internationally. He also had the honor of working directly with Vidal. It was during his tenure at the Vidal Sassoon Academy that Gustavo developed his distinctive flair for artistic hair design and his cutting edge styling techniques. He also trained in beautiful multi tone and ‘Origami’ like perfection in foil placement and honed his unequalled fashion sense. All of which have served him well during his career as a Hair Designer and instructor. This training and the continued commitment for excellence that was instilled in him by the Vidal Sassoon experience, has enabled him to leave his lasting mark on the field, not only as a teacher but also as a sought after stylist. After leaving Vidal Sassoon, and before opening his salon, Gustavo was hair designer and Artistic director at several other top salons throughout the world.

The Gustavo Briand Salon offers it’s services pro bono to the Florida Grand Opera, Miami City Ballet, and Miami Symphony Orchestra. Gustavo and his team utilize their creativity, knowledge and expertise in hair care and hair-health restoration to perform extraordinary hair styles and colour corrections on members as needed.

Gustavo has committed his time and training to develop his own unique hair techniques which makes them unparallel and second to none in the realm of the ever evolving Hair Industry, thus giving his clients…… Power of Possibility and Self Expression.

Gustavo ‘s work has been highlighted: London fashion week in 1995, The international NYC Beauty show four years in a row. (Platform artist),TV Appearances in Univision Network, & America TV in Miami. Had his own show segment in Gems TV “Cambio Total”. -several radio interviews for US, & Japan. Several magazine editorial work for magazines in the US, Argentina, & UK.

Gustavo has been taking care personally now for years the hair of Mr.Elan Sassoon, Vidal Sassoon's son. We can say this family knows about hair & Mr. Elan Sassoon chooses Gustavo over anyone else in the world •

Gustavo also stars in Allure magazine, where he is recommended as a top Miami colorist /stylist. To view this feature, please click here.